Introduction to Lake Irrigation Pump Packages

Water your lawn with high-nutrient lake water today! Discover the efficiency of lake and pond irrigation with Weeders Digest Pump Packages. These systems are designed to utilize the accessible water from your lake or pond, turning it into a vital resource for watering your lawn, or garden. Use for general watering, hand spraying, & sprinklers by connecting a standard garden hose. Or connect with your existing irrigation system.

Benefits to Lake/Pond Irrigation Solutions

• Cost Savings – Lake Water vs Paid Water/Electricity

• Highest Nutrient Content To Put On Your Lawn

• Comes From Nature Goes Back To Nature

• Retain Control Of Your Water

Pump Package Options

1 Hp & 1.5 Hp 

1 Hp & 1.5 Hp Irrigation Pump Packages Include:

– Choice of 1 or 1.5 Hp pump

– Pump Mounting Base w/stakes
– 40 Gallon Big Foot Filter w/ Filter Matting
– Filter Stand w/Adjustable Height
– Check Valve
– Heavy Duty Suction Hose – 10ft & 33ft options
– Prewired 8ft Power Cord – 110v or 220v

– Sandbag (empty)

2 Hp

2 Hp Irrigation Pump Packages Include:

– 2 Hp pump

– Pump Mounting Base w/stakes
– 80 Gallon Big Foot Filter w/ Filter Matting
– Filter Stand
– Check Valve
– Heavy Duty Suction Hose – 10ft & 33ft options
– Prewired 8ft Power Cord (220v only)

– Sandbag (empty)

Why Choose Weeders Digest Lake Irrigation Pump Packages?

As the lake and pond experts, Weeders Digest provides top-quality, carefully selected irrigation solutions. 

  • Expertise in Lake Care: Leveraging our deep knowledge in lake and pond management.
  • High-Quality Products: Offering the best-in-class components for residential uses.
  • Ease of Installation: Simplified setup with Plug & Play systems.
  • Customized Solutions: Tailored packages & add-ons for many applications 

Simultaneously water with up to 4 hoses or connect to existing irrigation systems with up to 5-10 sprinkler heads per zone (full details below)

Already have your own pump?

Check out our Suction Packages

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Our DYI lake & pond irrigation packages complete everything including, filter, stand, hoses, and fittings. 

Easy setup: Be up and running in as little as 30 minutes!

Irrigation Pump Components List

1: Filter (40 Gallon Shown)

2: Aluminum Frame

3: Check Valve

4: Suction Hose w/quick connects

5: Water Dispersement Units Attach Here

6: Pump

Optional Add-on Accessories


– Our Centrifugal Lake/Pond Pumps are self-priming after pump housing is initially filled.

– Fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic pump housing for the highest corrosion resistance.
– All pumps include a mounting base w/stakes & come pre-wired with 8ft power cord.  110v or 220v options (2 Hp is 220v only)


Heavy duty, Flexible PVC suction hose equipped with quick connectors allows for easy install and storage, as well as but it is easy to maneuver and manipulate for convenient placing. Available in 10’ & 33’ lengths.

Extension options available. Contact us for details,


The 40 & 80 gallon filters are rated at 40 gallons per minute and 80 gallons per minute respectively. They are made of heavy-duty PVC plastic. Our pump Filters require little or no service during the pumping season and will give many years of trouble-free service, even under the most severe conditions.

– All filters come with reusable, replaceable 2” thick bulk filter matting for catching smaller debris that can clog up sprinkler heads, and a 2” – check valve.

– The 40 gallon filter stand allows you to adjust the filter height anywhere from 5” to 12” off the bottom.

– Filters can be easily removed from the stand as needed.

– Stands are made of primarily aluminum. Lightweight for easy maneuverability yet offers a large footprint for added stability. Sandbag included that can optionally be used in areas with strong water movement.

Optional Add-on Components

4-Port Hose Adaptor

Connect up to 4 standard garden hoses and run them simultaneously. Attaches directly to the pump discharge.


Ball Valve w/Quick Connect

The Ball Valve Assembly connects to the pump discharge and quick connects to the optional discharge hose and any 1.5″ female camlock quick connect.


4-Port + Ball Valve Assembly

This is a 2-in-1 combination of both the “4-Port Hose Connector” & the “Ball Valve w/Quick Connect” that streamlines your irrigation needs.


Discharge Hose

Discharge hose easily attaches and detaches to the 1.5″ Ball Valve Assembly via quick connects. Used for high volume water transfer, with our optional firehose nozzle, and more! 

(25 ft & 50ft options available)

Firehose Nozzle

The Fire Hose Nozzle will power wash docks, boats, lifts, riprap etc. and also offer emergency fire protection. It quick connects our discharge hose and is adjustable from mist to stream.


Wifi Timer/Controller

Seamlessly connecting to your Irrigatin Pump, this innovative plug enables remote control of your device via smartphone or tablet.


Choose Weeders Digest for reliable and expert solutions in lake/pond irrigation

 For further assistance or to tailor your irrigation system to your unique landscape, contact our team of experts.